Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday my group and I arrived in Nairobe in the morning and from there we had a 5 hour drive in the land cruisers with the most insane driving I have ever experienced in my life. I would compare it to a continous game of chicken where cars are always passing each other at extremely high speeds. It seemed like the whole time we where on a crazy road with no lines no pavement on a collusion course for another vechical. I ate a Zebra and skinned a giraffe (Just kidding I mean I caught a glimse of some from the land cruiser). I also got to take a short run today, there is a mile long course around our camp, and I saw crazy monkeys, some birds, and Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is amazing.

In my panic to pack I forgot a few things including my camera charger, a headlamp, raincoat, and vitamins. When I was in NYC I realized that headlamp and raincoat and purchased those. They are lifesavers. Walking around in the dark with snakes scary critters would have been terrible and then looking for the bathroom would have been even worse. It is all Butters fault in my rush to leave he took a poo all over the house. He is a terrible dog!

Customs is way easier to get through than I thought. Maybe it's because I was with a school group but it was easier than regular airport security. The food is amazing and I would compare this place to the Ryerson's (Spring Creek Ranch) in Arizona. It is breathtaking and amazing.

Tomorrow we go out into the community. I can't really give anything justice with words.

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  1. sounds fun. so excited for you girly! please take all the pics you can muah. can i mail u one??