Monday, July 13, 2009

Duka Duka Duka

The internet has been unavailable the last couple day! Our connection is routed somewhere out of Italy, every time I log onto my computer it is in Italian.
The past couple days we have been learning about the native people called the Maasai. We are doing research within their communities. The natives are having problems with clean water, agriculture, sanitation, and many other problems that are all interconnected (public health concerns). We visited another clinic and it was terrible and depressing. Nothing like anyone could imagine. There is no power and the lab has a microscope and is solar/battery powered. It sounds innovative, but it is awful and dirty. The maternity lab was the most disturbing, if I was a woman in this community I think I might go disappear and live in a hole and never birth children.

On the bright side..we went on a safari yesterday. All I could think of was lion king and sing “in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.” My goal was to see some lions, they are rare stuff. The day consisted of driving to Amboseli national park and getting hounded by the locals to buy some stuff at the entrance. My mom would love it here it’s like the flea market every day. Next I saw some zebras, various animals that looked like deer, monkeys, elephants, hippo, and on our way out we saw LIONS!! They are crazy a huge buffalo walked right into the pack and charged them and the lions just laid there. It is an experience to see the animals in their natural habitat. We got distracted in the park and it took longer than expected to get to the exit of the park. You do not want to be there after dark, I am sure everyone can imagine all the logic behind that. We got out of the park at dusk and had a dark ride home which is always scary too with crazy drivers and continuous games of chicken. I am not a fan!

Last night after the long day I slept for the first time in a while. It was a normal sleep not all weird. I still feel like I am cracked out! After some sleep all I could think about is CANDY. My candy tummy got so hungry. We have a store (Duka) that consists of candy and sometimes soda, postcards, and stamps. I waited forever for the Duka to open and all I could think about was duka duka duka candy candy candy internet please work and dinner. I bought some peanut M&M’s and they taste like soap. I did get some dinner and now the internet is working. I am pretty happy. There are also random stray cats her that will give you ring worm if you pet them. They chase you and meow I hate them so much.

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