Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hokey Pokey

The Maasai are amazing people. Upon the groups visit they sang us welcoming songs. They where so moving words cannot give them justice. I could not understand a thing but the dance and rythm (I know I have none). It was so beautiful I cried. I am really glad I had dark sunglasses on because I would have looked like an idiot.

Our song was really moving and full of American culture too. We sang the Hokey Pokey!!! The great thing is that they could not understand a thing we where saying either so they thought our song was amazing too and loved it. Too bad it was really stupid and dumb! The village consisted of four husbands and tons of women and children. The houses where tiny and made of cow dung and straw. The women make the houses and are responsible for pretty much everything besides the herds. I think I probably got a few diseases from walking around the small village in animal dung. It was totally worth it!

Also today I went on a run. I saw a rhino and the locals where whipping rocks at it too make it move so it would not ruin their crops. It was insane and the animal would not move. I got scared that it might run and kill me so I went on. The next part of my run I came across something that looked like a rabbit but who knows it could have been a squirrel. HEHE. The sun then started to sent at my back and when I looked forward I had a beautiful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro (there is a girl here that ran for providence named Annie that I was running with). So the next thing we know we are running and I see three Hyennas we freaked out and sprinted back which wasn't far. It was definately a rush and the wildlife here is out of control. Running the loop around the camp that is less than a mile has not gotten old you see knew things each lap.

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