Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Club

Yesterday we visited an orphanage. I have a new little friend his name is Mpapa. Apparently he was found living with some livestock about 8 years ago he is 12 now. Considering the circumstances of the poverty here and how most people live the orphans have it pretty good. Still it was heartbreaking. Every child had their own story and they were so happy to see us. They sang us welcome songs and looked really cute. Again I cried the music here is amazing and moving. It is unbelievable how grateful everyone is for having so little. It makes you appreciate the little things in life. All the children here are so much better behaved than American children. They never cry and are angels. I want one! I think it has something to do with children acting on their parent’s energy and vibes. The mothers here are laid back and everything is about survival and the children know this and behave in such a fashion.

Later in the afternoon we visited a women’s AID’s clinic I heard some moving testimonials. Well kinda, I did fall asleep at one point and almost fell flat on my face. I am still jetlagged. I swear my body is so hypersensitive. I feel so beat up.
Back to the AID’s clinic the women do beadwork in order to support themselves and the clinic. The beadwork is beautiful. Even if it was not you are obligated to buy something!

After a long day of eye opening experiences we got to go to the local “club”. It was way more awesome then I expected. We got to drink beer. We sat outside in this hut with a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background. At first I was expecting the club to be a cinderblock building with no windows. I was wrong so even though the beer was warm the view was great.

Lately I have been missing coffee and they have coffee for us here every morning premade and then some powdered coffee. I always go for the premade coffee thinking the powered stuff has to be weak. I never get a coffee buzz and I am in state of constant disappointment. So this afternoon, well about hour ago I drank some of the powered coffee because we were out of the other stuff. The powered coffee is like crack. I am so high from the African bean. I have the jitters like crazy. I have no outlet to get rid of my energy either I can’t run my back hurts so I sit around about to jump out of my skin.

All day we had classroom developing our survey that we are going to administer to Maasai community this next week. This portion of the project is really boring and I have trouble sitting still for hours on end. I cannot wait until we get to go out into “the field” and interview the locals. To play a little catch up on what I am working on I will give a quick background again. Lately the health status of the Maasai population has recently declined at an alarming rate. So our job as students is to develop and administer a survey to identify what it causing the recent health decline in the Maasai community. Once we identify the problems we will make recommendations on what the community can do to improve their health.

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